There are three kinds of people,
those who can count,
and those who can’t.

I’ve been getting really into personality types lately – you may have noticed that the sidebar refers to Type 7 and INFP. The 7 is supposed to be my enneagram, which is turning out to be an interesting way to classify personalities. There’s a good test at Similar Minds. INFP is my type on the Keirsey temperament sorter, which is related to the Myers-Briggs personality tests. Here’s a butt-ugly, but useful looking website:

Anyway, I’m really excited because we are supposed to be getting a bathtub installed this week by the same crew that remodeled our kitchen. We bought an old house where the previous owner had remodeled the bathroom, and I’m sure she ripped out a good solid old tub to create our way-too-elaborate custom-tile shower stall.

It occurs to me that there are bath people and shower people, just like there are cat people and dog people. It also occurs to me that the pairs that go together are probably cat/bath, dog/shower, but maybe that’s just overgeneralizing from my own thoroughly established cat/bath personality preference. Regardless, by the end of next week, I should be sitting in a bathtub reading a book, happy as a cat with a bowl of raw shrimp.

By the way, I knew I was getting to be an old fart a few years ago when I actually got excited about buying a recliner.