Mary Ann... Is that your final answer? Yes, Regis. George Wyle, the guy who wrote the theme song for Gilligan’s Island died a few days ago at the ripe old age of 87. He also wrote the Christmas song The Most Wonderful Time of the Year, among other things, and was an Emmy nominated producer for things like the Brady Bunch Special and The Captain and Tenille. Here’s the whole enchilada: ZENtertainment.

By the way, we’ve talked quite a bit about personality types like cat and dog people, shower and bath people, etc. Whenever I’m asked the infamous question, “Ginger or Mary Ann?” it’s like, duh… Mary Ann!

By the way, if you click her pic, you can go to the official Mary Ann website.

On a sadder note, it’s hard to find George Wyle on Google if you don’t put quotes around it, because it keeps trying to show results for ‘George Clooney’ and ‘Noah Wyle’ – I think I’m ready for Z-Gen.

It ain't yella, but it's a b-i-g bird! I had one of those magical moments this morning while I was getting ready for work – I was getting a cup of coffee when I looked out of our kitchen window and saw a Great Blue Heron sitting on top of the privacy screen of our deck. This isn’t him in the picture, but that’s OK, because I looked at a whole bunch of pictures on Google, and you just can’t get the sense that this thing is like 42″ tall. He was bigger than the wild turkeys that have also passed through, and I’m pretty sure that if he’d been inside the kitchen there with me, he could easily have eaten off our counters.

Spuds Hey, here’s a neat thing. I’ve discovered that it works great to cook Tater Tots on a piece of aluminum foil on the top rack of my gas grill. I make a little tray and spray it with cooking spray and put the Tots out while the grill is warming up and I’m in making the burgers. They get done just in time to come off with the burgers, you don’t have to heat up the oven or dirty a pan, and I think they come out especially crisp and delicious.