Hmm... I don't recall.Out here in California, we have a $35 Billion deficit. That’s about $800 a head, which means my family owes somebody about $2400. Of course, that’s still less than our $1500+ per capita share of Bush’s (probably understated) expected deficit, and he’s passin’ out checks!

You’ve probably heard that they’re gonna try to recall Gov. Gray Davis, but we don’t know who would replace him. Last I heard, Arnold Schwarzenegger says he doesn’t want to run, which is good. I mean, that makes as much sense as an out of work actor becoming president, or electing a current president’s son a few years later. Oh, wait…

Anyway, I’ve taken way too much effort to create a nifty little picture thingy, so click on Gray’s picture, and I’ll show you something kinda cool.

Oh, I had a little fun with some Dubbya pics too…

I’ve had a problem with Blogger for a couple days now where it won’t build a valid archive file, so it looks like the archived blogs are all missing, but the good news is that they’re all really here. If you back up to the weblog directory, it’ll give you a list, but I’m sure hoping they get it fixed – I sent them a trouble report, but with over a million registered bloggers, I’m not holding my breath!

Here’s a decent little poem from the Darwinian Poetry site – I think they’re getting better:

twilight eyes self deceive

the soullessness

one wept the glimpsing

one wept enough