Emily’s questions are getting harder all the time. One of her favorites right now is, “Daddy, I want to ask you sumpthing, OK? – is [this or that person or thing] really real, I mean really?” Like the other day, I showed her an article about Steve Burns, Get a Clue!who used to be the host of the kid’s show Blue’s Clues, but left to record a rock album. So she says, “So he’s really real, huh?” and I say, “Yeah, he’s a real guy,” and she asks, tentatively with big eyes, “does that mean Blue’s real too?” and I have to say, “No, honey, Steve and Joe are real, but Blue’s just a cartoon.”

She’s very into a couple of Christmas books about the birth of the baby Jesus, and she asked me if Jesus was really a king when he grew up, and I said yes, but I think she’s going to be disappointed when she learns the ending to the story. Then there’s the whole Santa thing – hoo boy.

At least we haven’t kept her in the dark about where meat comes from.