Steven “Elliott” Smith

Update – Here’s a very good article on Elliot Smith’s suicide on the BILLBOARD website.

Update – That story focuses mostly on his addictions and attitude – here’s another one that discusses his music, with some lyrics and descriptive phrases like “impossibly melodic.” There’s also some good multimedia content over on NPR.

Miracle?They’ve spotted the Virgin Mary again. This time, she’s a tree stump in Passaic, New Jersey.

Now, I’m all for people worshipping whatever however they want, but it seems to me that if this is all it takes to call out the Diocese-mobile, I think I could find something that looked a little more like Mary without any huge difficulty.

Honestly, I feel a little sorry for the church and how seriously they have to take all these claims, especially since the human brain is hard wired to see faces in everything from hills on Mars to scorched tortillas.

Mystery Artist Week All this week, Scott Adams is featuring Dilbert strips
drawn by other cartoonists. Check it out.