We've found your luggage - click for bigger pic...Sorry for the long no-blog. We’re on vacation and I’m blogging to you live from The Courtyard by Marriott in Santa Fe, New Mexico. This picture is where our journey began – the Sacramento airport has these really cool sculptures built up around the support posts near the baggage claim. I took this while we were waiting in line with, oh, maybe 200 people to get on the escalator to go upstairs to the security check.

We’re in Santa Fe for my father-in-law’s 75th birthday surprise. My sister-in-law lives here, so we set it up for F-in-L to come visit, then we all showed up, coming in from California and Connecticut. It’s been pretty hectic, with 7 people trying to decide where to go and what to do, but almost everyone else has gone back home now, and I’ve got a DSL connection in the room, and life is good.

The most impressive thing we’ve seen since we’ve been here is probably the Rio Grande Gorge and bridge. Here are pictures of the gorge, me and Emily out on the bridge, and The Lady Janet and Emily out on the bridge.

Awhile back, we bought a 2003 Civic Hybrid&#153. We thought it was important to try to get better milage, promote the new technology, and the icings on the cakes were a $2000 tax deduction and a flat $500 from some California energy commission, and we love it! So I’ve been hearing and seeing a lot more about the new Prius&#153, and I’m just wondering if anyone else feels a compelling need to squash one like a bug. I mean, that’s a silver cockroach, right? Sure, it gets a couple more miles to the gallon, but at 47 mpg, I’m not too concerned, and the Civic still looks like a car.

  • More good health news: Picking your nose and eating it is good for you.
  • Obligatory link to Noam Chomsky’s Blog.
  • Dr. Seus (Theodor Geisel) did Political Cartoons (Via Olie Eichorn)
  • Walmart has a computer for under $300 – think about this.
  • This link to Aerogel is everywhere, but check it out. The new Stardust probe is going to collect particles from a comet in this substance that is 99.8% air but feels like stiff styrofoam. Once again, folks, isn’t it cool to live in the future?

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