My Daily Nature Walk

I’m on a new health kick that involves, among other things, eating and sleeping better, drinking a lot less, and going for a walk every morning before work. One of my many blessings is living near the edge of the American River Canyon in Northern California, and my walk takes me from my house, where there’s no view whatsoever and the deer never hang around, about two blocks away to a neighborhood in an abandoned olive orchard that has great views of the canyon, and lots of casual wildlife milling about.

Day before yesterday, I startled a pair of deer, a buck and a doe, so yesterday, I took my digital camera with me and snapped a few candids of some wild turkeys (Mmmm… Wild Turkey&#153) that were just kinda hangin’ out, and some sunflowers that were really tough to sneak up on.

Click the pics below for the larger images:

Momma turkey with her chick
Momma T w/Chick
5 turkeys all in a row
5 In a Row
3 turkeys up close
3 Turkeys
3 turkeys facing the other way
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