All that and a bag o’ chips…

Come on. Just try.So I’m eating my bag of generic store-brand BBQ chips tonight, and it’s an especially good extra-red-salty batch, but I turn the bag around, and I swear to god it said, “Try and enjoy our other delicious snacks,” like, “Come on, I dare ya.” (Click the pic for the big picture.) Guess it’s the perfect real-life example of Eats, Shoots & Leaves.

In other completely unrelated business, here’s a picture update of the wild turkeys that I see on my morning walk &#150 I wasn’t satisfied with my Fujicam pics, so I took a real camera and got it developed.

For my last exhibit, I just got home a couple of hours ago from a Candidates’ Night for the school board, and it was hard &#150 either I didn’t know there was going to be a quiz, or the dog ate my homework. Either way, here’s a quick jpeg showing my name on the local ballot with Dubya. I’m honored. No, really.

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