Long-ass Emerson Quote

You can quote me on that.

“There are all degrees of proficiency of knowledge of the world. It is sufficient to our present purpose to indicate three. One class lives to the utility of the symbol, esteeming health and wealth a final good. Another class live above this mark to the beauty of the symbol, as the poet and artist and the naturalist and the man of science. A third class live above the beauty of the symbol to the beauty of the thing signified; these are wise men. The first class have common sense; the second, taste; and the third, spiritual perception. Once in a long time, a man traverses the whole scale, and sees and enjoys the symbol solidly, then also has a clear eye for its beauty, and lastly, whilst he pitches his tent on this sacred volcanic isle of nature, does not offer to build houses and barns thereon, reverencing the splendor of the God which he sees bursting through each chink and cranny.” &#151 Ralph Waldo Emerson, from the essay Prudence

That last “chink and cranny” reminds me of a part in Roald Dahl’s Big Friendly Giant, where the BFG tells the other giants they can search his place from “frack to bunt,” and “look in every crook and nanny.”

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