Our Excellent Adventure

So we went to Florida and visited Disneyworld&#153, and Emily had a blast. She said her favorite ride was the Haunted Mansion&#153. Here are a bunch of pictures of stuff that we did and saw. I was pleased to learn that the daycare center onboard the ship had the same name as my office, “The Funzone.”

I bought a new digital camera (Canon Powershot A85) to take on the trip, and I’m very happy with it. It takes movies as well as pictures, and our new host, Network Solutions, has streaming Windows media, so I’m going to test posting three movies: Homosassa Manatee, Palm Beach in Aruba, and Emily makes a Sand Angel.

Oh, Mickey, he's so fine.

Obligatory Mickey Mouse Shot.

Hangin' out, catchin' a few rays.

Gator Pond

Gecko and a close relative.

Gecko and Gator

Patriotic Bird.

Cool or over-the-top?

Manatees of Homosassa Florida.

A Manatee


Florida’s got Flamingoes

Em drives a golf cart.

Emily Drives a Golf Cart

Visiting with the Scotts.

Us with Sol & Mickey Scott

Chris and Emily in a Teacup.

Care for a spot of tea?

Em drives Formula 1.

Emily Drives Formula 1

Em Guards the Castle.

Emily Guards St. Thomas Sandcastle

Chris and a Monkey in a Diaper.

St. Kitt’s has Monkeys.

Dang, Ma, that's a big-ass boat!

Big Boat

Emily's bunk bed.

Emily in her bunk

The world through Emily's eyes.

Emily’s Point of View

Emily's playcare center.

The on-board playcare center.

Dressed for a treasure hunt.

The dread pirate Emily.

Emily makes a sand angel.

Ever seen a sand angel?