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Thoughts and observations of an Enneagram Type 7 INFP Beatles fan. I prefer baths to showers, late nights to early mornings, cats to dogs, and Mary Ann.

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The Story of My Life

I was born in Iowa in 1962, and spent most of my first 17 years Yup. That's me as a baby.there growing up in Muscatine. We moved to Kingman, Arizona my senior year of high school, so I graduated from Kingman High School in 1980, but when I've gone to my 10th and 20th high school reunions, I go to the one back in Iowa.

Though I'm now devastatingly handsome, I wasn't much to look at in those days, but I was smart as a whip that's gone to the polytechnic on a merit scholarship. I didn't go anywhere on a merit scholarship however, as I was a notoriously bad student throughout the majority of my academic career. Actually, I did much better the three semesters I was a Music Theory & Composition major than I did the two years before or the year after when I was a Computer Engineering major, but it really didn't help. For what it's worth, I can tell you that neither calculus nor Boolean algebra has come in all that handy in the outside world, but I have made good use of the circle of fifths.

Anyway, I never did manage to get a degree in anything, and through an odd series of misadventures, I find myself in Auburn, California, having lived here for over 18 years, which makes this the longest and most pleasant stay at any one geographic location.

Despite my lack of education, I'm the Chief Technical Officer for a catalog company called Audio Editions Books on Cassette & CD that sells audiobooks by mail and over the web. I've been happily married since June of 1992, and I'm the proud father of a beautiful, smart, funny almost-7-year old girl who refuses to lose her baby teeth.

My talents and hobbies include performing my own songs and a few others, mostly Beatles, on guitar and piano, home recording, gardening, amateur science, and blogging. I'm a member of Mensa for reasons of pure vanity, so I don't go to anything and I rarely read their monthly newsletter. My one-line mission statement is: To move easily through the world as a man of good conscience.

I'm an armchair philosopher who likes to think of himself as a jack-of-all-trades who's struggling to become a renaissance man.

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