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Thursday, April 12, 2007
Get a Blue Clue

Kool out, Gel-manI just had to blog when I heard these words come out of my mouth awhile ago: "Damn it, I left my frozen blue Jello in the microwave."

See, they're really Kool-Aid™ brand "gel snacks," and as Emily has pointed out, they say right on the label, clear as day, "DO NOT FREEZE."

But, scofflaw that I am, I keep them in the freezer, and I nuke them for 10 — 11 seconds (12 would just ruin it), and I eat them with great relish.
(Note: Great relish is nothing whatsoever like pickle relish.)

I have this picture of the Kool-Aid guy because it's impossible to find a picture of these blue jello snacks on the internet, so I will perforce have to take it upon myself to snap one at a later date.

In the meantime, I did come to know that most "blue kool-aid" images refer to the art of dying wool yarn.

There is also an adult drink made with blue Kool-Aid called the "Steve", after Steve, the orginal host of Blues Clues™. The site has this ad, and this recipe.

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A Eulogy

Dark day for American Literature.We lost a good one yesterday in Kurt Vonnegut. When I was a kid, it felt revolutionary to read Kurt Vonnegut, Jr., but somewhere a few years ago, his dad was long since dead, and I guess it's traditional to drop the 'Jr.' when there's no chance of confusion.

Anyway, Kurt's still my favorite fiction author, and while I can't grieve an 84-year-old who claimed for years he was ready to go, I will miss his genius a lot.

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