Is there really any question?Here’s a good link I ran across for the age-old question, “Ginger or Mary Ann?” (well, my age, anyway).

Sorry I haven’t posted much lately. Last Friday we came down with what I’m assuming was some kind of Halloween-triggered virus at work that turned about eight of our machines into blue-screen door-stops, including my trusty Blog-mobile. Took all day Friday and Monday to straighten it out with multiple Windows/Office/Network Client installs. We still haven’t figured out what really happened, but whatever it was, I haven’t seen any evidence of new Halloween virus reports.

Last couple of days have been pretty busy over here at Asparagus Pee blog. J-walk blog posted a link that’s driven 40-50 extra people here each of the last two days, and I’m starting to build up a pretty good content base for natural search hits.

Some recent searches, over and above ‘asparagus pee,’ ‘gooblek,’ ‘pee in pants,’ etc., where I feel like I may actually have helped some people find what they were looking for were:

“elliott smith”+steak knife
eggo rocket surgery
eggo syrup commercial
and my favorite: passaic mary tree stump pic

Interestingly, the Germans must be really into pee fetishes, because I get anywhere from 3 to 5 of my 6 to 8 normal hits per day from different people just searching for ‘pee’ on, and my blog is like the 641st search return for that term, which I relate with no particular pride.

Today’s been interesting. Four of us met at 5:30 AM and drove down to San Francisco’s Golden Gate University for a 4-hr seminar that was billed as being ‘especially for catalog marketers and inventory managers,’ that was basically a remedial Excel class. I don’t use Excel much because I have real-time tools I’ve created in character-mode DataFlex for working with our native database files, so I learned a couple of interesting tricks, but was it worth getting up at 4:00 AM and spending 4 hours in a car? Nope.

I’m not personally ready to go no-meat all-the-time, but I do think we have an obligation to treat the animals we eat with some degree of benevolence and dignity. This is interesting: The Meatrix.

Ooooh... Scary!Our next door neighbor’s kid suggested that Emily should go trick-or-treating as a water bottle, and darned if Mrs. Asparagus Pee didn’t make it happen. The label says, ‘Emily’s Best crystal clear Auburn Tap Water.’