Picture Post

We’re on vacation in Monterey, going to the aquarium tomorrow and whale-watching on Sunday. We had some excitement last night — our upstairs washing machine overflowed, and we drained about 20 gallons of water through some holes I drilled in the living room ceiling!

That lawnmower I’m posing with is my new rechargeable electric mower. It’s very quiet, works like a million bucks, and there’s no cord. I couldn’t find one anywhere locally, so I ordered it from Amazon, and the weekend after it came, I wired an outlet and an overhead light with a light switch in my garden shed so I wouldn’t have to keep it in the garage.

The picture of the pool shows some strange items floating about called Solar Sun Rings — they’re supposed to make the pool several degrees warmer, and I hope they work because I now own 14 of the things, and they are obscenely not cheap.

Rechargeble Mower
New Toy!
Ceiling Pee
The Deluge
Ceiling Pee Cont'd.
Ceiling Pee
Solar Sun Rings
Solar Sun Rings
Up a Tree
Up a Tree
This space inten-
tionally left blank.

From the mind of a 7-year-old girl…

Our 2nd-grade daughter Emily was given the assignment to “Write a story about a soldier who sees a horse behind a tree — use all the words in the box [soldier, story, behind]. Here’s how it turned out:

Once I was a soldier in an old old fairy tale and in that fairy tale I saw a horse that got out of a farm. So the horse hid behind a tree so I ride it back to the farm. And that story was a good one wasn’t it? The End.

(The teacher’s red pen says “Yes.”)

Oh my gosh, he’s gonna blog some more…

If you’re an APG&ONS fan, thanks for sticking by me. I haven’t blogged for a little over three months, because we moved to a new house, with a cool inground pool and this really neat stained glass window. The new place also has a tree swing for Emily &#151 and if you look really closely, you might notice that I have a special splint on my left foot &#151 I broke it about 4 days before the big move.

Here’s a picture of Emily with a lizard.

If I were blogging, I’d say something like click on that image of the two hair ads &#151 it looks to me like if you have curly hair, you need to straighten it; if you have straight hair, you need to curl it; and whatever color your hair happens to be, it shouldn’t be, so do something that appears to be really painful, judging from the picture on the box.