Son of Free Elliott Smith CDs

I forgot that nobody but me cares about Elliott Smith, so I’m going to revise the rules on the contest just a bit:

I will give away three copies of From a Basement on the Hill to the first three people who ask me nicely.

I’m pretty sure you can reach me through a link on my blogger profile… just click on my picture. If that doesn’t work, leave a comment or sign my guestbook, and I promise I’ll get back to you.

5 Replies to “Son of Free Elliott Smith CDs”

  1. See, you can’t even give this stuff away. I was being careful because, from time to time, APG&ONS was a top hit for “Elliott Smith Steak Knife,” which is sad in itelf.

    Assuming Paul is Paul Hoch from Paul’s Posted Notes, I will definitely be sending him a free CD.

    Part of the reason I said I’d do three though is because I want to put them all on the same order to get free shipping, so I’m waiting a little for those two other really, really lucky people.

  2. I’d like a CD, I was just going to get it from the local record store. Since you can’t seem to give them away though, I’ll take one off your hands.

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