American Idol… The Men

American Idol I have just finished my evaluation of the Top 12 male contestants, and here is my current ranking:

  1. Jason Castro
  2. Michael Johns
  3. David Archoleta
  4. Danny Noriega
  5. David Hernandez
  6. Colton Berry
  7. Robbie Carrico
  8. Garrett Haley
  9. David Cook
  10. Chikezie
  11. Luke Menard
  12. Jason Yeager

Some Links to Explore

Linky Doodles. Here are some recent and not-so-recent links that have caught my eye:

Asparagus Pee Chris Buys a NEW Car!

Chris Benson in his new Asparagus-Pee Mobile

Well, after driving an 18-year-old ’89 Honda Accord for over 16 years, I broke down last month and bought a 2008 Toyota Matrix XR.

It’s not the perfect car I’ve been dreaming of, but it was the closest fit to some pretty tough criteria:

  1. List price under $20,000
  2. Largest cargo capacity for a small car
  3. Over 30 mpg highway
  4. Moonroof
  5. Silver with grey interior
  6. Not embarassingly ugly

Here it is with the seats down.

By the way, if you think Christmas is coming earlier every year, please be aware that the 2009 Toyotas are already here. They came out the end of January.

A pool filled with non-newtonian fluid

Okay – if this isn’t the “poster child” for the Gooblek part of my life’s dream, I don’t know what is. I can’t walk on water, but I believe a man has walked on the moon, and I can walk on Gooblek.

Get a Blue Clue

Kool out, Gel-manI just had to blog when I heard these words come out of my mouth awhile ago: “Damn it, I left my frozen blue Jello in the microwave.”

See, they’re really Kool-Aid&#153 brand “gel snacks,” and as Emily has pointed out, they say right on the label, clear as day, “DO NOT FREEZE.”

But, scofflaw that I am, I keep them in the freezer, and I nuke them for 10 &#151 11 seconds (12 would just ruin it), and I eat them with great relish.
(Note: Great relish is nothing whatsoever like pickle relish.)

I have this picture of the Kool-Aid guy because it’s impossible to find a picture of these blue jello snacks on the internet, so I will perforce have to take it upon myself to snap one at a later date.

In the meantime, I did come to know that most “blue kool-aid” images refer to the art of dying wool yarn.

There is also an adult drink made with blue Kool-Aid called the “Steve”, after Steve, the orginal host of Blues Clues&#153. The site has this ad, and this recipe.

A Eulogy

Dark day for American Literature.

We lost a good one yesterday in Kurt Vonnegut. When I was a kid, it felt revolutionary to read Kurt Vonnegut, Jr., but somewhere a few years ago, his dad was long since dead, and I guess it’s traditional to drop the ‘Jr.’ when there’s no chance of confusion.

Anyway, Kurt’s still my favorite fiction author, and while I can’t grieve an 84-year-old who claimed for years he was ready to go, I will miss his genius a lot.

Picture Post

We’re on vacation in Monterey, going to the aquarium tomorrow and whale-watching on Sunday. We had some excitement last night — our upstairs washing machine overflowed, and we drained about 20 gallons of water through some holes I drilled in the living room ceiling!

That lawnmower I’m posing with is my new rechargeable electric mower. It’s very quiet, works like a million bucks, and there’s no cord. I couldn’t find one anywhere locally, so I ordered it from Amazon, and the weekend after it came, I wired an outlet and an overhead light with a light switch in my garden shed so I wouldn’t have to keep it in the garage.

The picture of the pool shows some strange items floating about called Solar Sun Rings — they’re supposed to make the pool several degrees warmer, and I hope they work because I now own 14 of the things, and they are obscenely not cheap.

Rechargeble Mower
New Toy!
Ceiling Pee
The Deluge
Ceiling Pee Cont'd.
Ceiling Pee
Solar Sun Rings
Solar Sun Rings
Up a Tree
Up a Tree
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