Yesterday I had lunch at Jack in the Box, and I was struck by something that I witnessed. An older gentleman was giving the clerk a really hard time because he didn’t get his senior discount on three iced teas, and bitched that he’d been in the day before and they’d only given him the discount on one of the three. The reason I found it laughable was that when they gave him his 50 cents, he walked out and got into one of those $55K Mercedes with the windshield wipers on the headlights. I guess maybe that’s how you get to drive one.

On a lighter note, our daughter had a pair of caterpillars in a peanut butter jar that we collected together a couple of weeks ago, and one of them has turned into a butterfly! We released it yesterday morning into a beautiful sunny day, but we’re worried that the chrysalis opened early because it was so warm in the house, so we left the jar outside with the other guy still hanging from the lid.

Ah, where to start, where to start?

I have christened this blog Asparagus Pee, Gooblek & Other Neat Stuff because I love neat stuff. I once dreamed of editing a major magazine publication called Neat Stuff that would be a general purpose magazine of the best articles about everything. I’m intrigued by things like asparagus pee – you eat a little bite of asparagus, and within minutes your pee smells funny all day – how odd is that?

Gooblek is something I just discovered my wife playing with with my 3 1/2 year-old daughter yesterday. It’s nothing but a stiff suspension of cornstarch in water, but it’s the neatest stuff you ever saw: you can slap it or break it or roll it around like a ball, but if you leave it stand for a second, it ‘melts’ into a shiny wet puddle. If you drop a ball of it, it damn near, but not quite, bounces.