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Gettin' clean Emily in her bath.
Squeaky clean Post-bath calm.
Hold Your Head Up! Quality Tummy Time.
Hello world Naked Baby.
Chickadee Grandma and Emily
in her Halloween 
Happy with Grandma and Grandpa Emily and Grandma
and Grandpa Benson
Hangin' with Dad Emily and Dad
Look at me stand! Emily and Mom, 
admiring each other
in the mirror

Emily's 3-4 Month Pics!

Emily is changing so fast, we can hardly believe it.  She's mastered reaching for her toys and loves to shake rattles now.  She's still apt to lose a toy (drop it) and wonder where it went.  But that's where Mom and Dad come in handy!

Just this weekend (Thanksgiving), she learned to roll over from her back on to her tummy... so Mom and Dad have been cheerleaders, encouraging her to do more.
She's growing some new hair on her head - pale blond soft stuff coming in under her birth hair - makes her head feel like velvet, though Mom teases her that's she's got a "crewcut" like Grandpa John.

She loves to "stand up" with one of us holding her hands - her legs are pretty steady, so all we really have to do is balance her - she gets a big smile on her face and looks around to be sure everyone sees her - what a ham!

Emily is still a very happy baby most of the time.  She sleeps through the night most nights, though we're puzzled at her lack of daytime naps - she only sleeps for an hour every 4th day or so.  That makes it hard for her mother to actually do anything around the house, but maybe it's just a stage.

At 4 1/2 months, she now weighs just over 13 1/2 pounds, right at the 50th percentile for girl babies her age. The doctor says she's doing fine - enjoy the pictures and see for yourself!