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Old Siding Before picture of house with old siding. 
Siding All Gone! Before picture of house without old siding.
Cool Fan Work in Progress -- The Attic Exhaust Fan.
Home @ Last Our Little Brown House.
Pretty Flowers Some Flowers.
Pond and Stuff Some more Flowers & The Goldfish Pond.
Janet's Spiffy Mailbox The New Mailbox Janet Designed & Built.

Welcome to our
Online Photo Album!

This is where we will stick pictures of stuff for your viewing pleasure, so please be sure to check here often.

These are some pictures of the ongoing outdoor projects at our house and in our yard.

We've been replacing the siding for years now, and we're finally down to the last side -- the other three sides look great!

Our pre-formed plastic goldfish pond is 18" deep, and holds 50 gallons. We stocked it with feeder goldfish, and they're now about 5" long, and it looks like at least 3 or 4 will winter over. We also had a lot of water hyacinths that bloomed spectacularly for about a month.