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All Googoo-Eyed The Happy Family, 
still at the hospital.
In the Nest At home, in Emily's room.
Sleep? What sleep? Emily and Janet take a 
much-needed nap.
Mom's Lap Emily sleeps across Mom's
lap for awhile.
Bright Eyes You can almost see why we've
taken to calling her Bright Eyes.
More Baby Pictures!

Here are some pics from the second roll of film, mostly from our first week here at home together.

The fussiness seems to have passed, and Emily has already slept as long as 5 hours at a stretch. We're glad she's starting to settle in, as Chris's mom is still here helping out, and his dad is due to arrive this afternoon, driving in from Arizona.

We've also been going through a major Laundry Room remodeling project and the plumber finished up yesterday, so we're happy that all of that is over as well. We now have new copper pipes throughout, and we're still surprised when the cold water doesn't come out pink, and the hot water does come out hot. The plumber's helper (not a euphemism for "plunger") made a big scratch in the top of our brand new dryer, but that's how it goes sometimes -- they told us you couldn't have kids and have nice things, but we didn't think it would start before she could crawl!

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