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Mom with Big Sis! Sister Karen holds the newborn Janet.
What a Cutie! A young Janet enjoys being bathed.
Chris, reclining. Chris, reclining.
Handsome baby. Stick your tongue in -- you
look ridiculous!
What's That? Emily watches Mom fold diapers.
I like it! I like watching Mom work!
Sacked Out. Sacked out on Mom's belly.
Hey Little Buddy! Is it just me, Little Buddy, or does
this look like the Skipper from 
Gilligan's Island?
Nice Smile. Here's a nice smiley face.
I Like You! I like you, Mom!
Even More Baby Pictures!
(Update for 8/8/99)

Roll three turned out to have some real winners. Lots of smiles and cuties in this batch. Just for fun, we've thrown in a few of our own baby pictures so you can play "who's she look like" with us.

It was a busy week for Miss Emily. We took her out to meet cousin Bob Farnam, who flew up from Livermore in the plane he's been building in his garage since 1982, with brother Ed as copilot, and we all had lunch at Wings restaurant out at the airport. Grandpa John had a reporter from the Auburn Journal come out, and they actually ran a small story with a picture of Bob sitting in the aircraft. Emily's also been up to sunbathe by Grandpa's pool a couple of times, and has been enjoying a lovely visit with Janet's brother, Uncle Steve, Aunt Debbie, and cousins Thomas and Brian.

Generally speaking, everything is going well, and we're all having a blast.

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