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Last Updated 11/25/1999

great thoughts Emily serious.
Where am I? with Grandpa Glen.
Happy girls with Grandma Vicki.
sounds good New toys are fun!
tastes good, too Under the tree
with the new toy.
hold still, please Baby as bookmark.
here I am! Airing out to help
some mild diaper rash.
Hi mom! Emily enjoys her crib
activity board (no 
electronic beeps).
what's that baby doing in my house? Duchess examines
a green Christmas Our house at 
Christmas - no snow
this year!

Happy New Year, everybody!

We're awfully glad that Y2K computer problems didn't manifest, since we've spent so much time on this website already - and we got ourselves a digital camera for Christmas to make picture-taking more speedy and satisfying!  No more "oh, that picture didn't turn out" disappointments - look at the picure on the camera, and if it didn't work, delete it and try again - very fun!  Of course, Chris is REALLY glad that there weren't a lot of computer problems at work... he's busy enough with his normal workload.

We had a wonderful Christmas and New Year's, though Chris had another flu this December, and Grandpa John was out with a flu for a few days, too.  Both of them are still fighting lingering symptoms, but Emily and Janet have mostly avoided the sicknesses - just slight colds for both of us.  Emily doesn't like it when Mom aspirates her nose, but Janet finds the results gratifying - yucky stuff comes out and free breathing ensues.

Christmas was just the three of us.  We had a nice visit with our friend Pauline and her family on Christmas Eve Day, and went to a singing service at our friend Horti's church that evening.  Emily was patient through the carols, but when the pastor began speaking, she got fussy and had to be removed for nursing.  She has a wonderful green velvet Christmas outfit courtesy of our friend Kelly - we had fun dressing her in that wherever we went.  We also traveled south of Sacramento to Elk Grove (only a 45-minute drive) to Janet's cousins' house to see them and Janet's aunt and uncle (Liz's brother) who were visiting from San Diego. That was a lot of fun, though their three kids wore Emily out - she had three naps the next day (unheard of).

New Year's was a busier holiday for us, with Grandma Vicki and Grandpa Glen visiting from Arizona and a neighborhood progressive potluck on New Year's Eve - we had a lot of fun getting to know our neighbors better - and of course Mom and Emily could just pop back to the house for nursing and changing, which was really easy.  We had a great visit with Vicki and Glen, though all too short.

Emily can sit up all by herself now, by which I mean she holds herself sitting - she can't yet pull herself to a sitting position.  But she enjoys playing with her toys much more now that she can sit above them.  She still likes to stand sometimes, but is focusing more on the sitting and babbling.  She's added consonants to her sounds, so we have nana-nene and mama-ba and such "words" now.  And we've started her on solids just this week - on January 1st she had her first rice cereal.  So far that's all she's had... we're taking it slow.  Up until the cereal she'd only had breastmilk and never has had a bottle - at this point she probably won't have a bottle - she likes to play with her cup, and practices sipping from it like Mom does. Her next doctor's appointment is the 14th, her 6-month birthday.  According to the scales at Janet's Mother's Group, she's just 14 lbs, 7.4 oz.  So she's a compact little thing, but very strong and seems to be developing well.