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Half Done! Siding Progress? About half done.
The Primrose Path, with Cat. Duchess guards The Primrose Path.
Our Finest Primrose My Favorite Primrose (primula)
Blooms Through Snow Primroses blooming through snow.
Snow in Auburn? Does it really snow in Auburn?
Grape Hyacinths Grape Hyacinths (muscari).
Like a Picture Postcard Our neighbor, Horti, a wonderful gardener
herself, says this looks like a postcard.
The New Fountain in the Fishpond! Here is the fountain we made from a used
wine barrel. It falls into the goldfish pond.

Welcome to our
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Page 2!

Here are some new pictures while we're waiting for the baby. You'll note that we really have made some progress on the siding of the North Face, that the cat is still kicking, and the flowers still come up.

Most of these shots were taken last September or October when we had the Great Blizzard of 1998. We only got about an inch that didn't melt right away, but Chris did get to build a snowman with the little girls from the neighborhood. This was the first snow in about six years, so Chris was very excited. Janet was up housesitting at her dad's house, where they got about a foot that day.