Please check this out. This chick’s cool.

(OK, you want a better idea what you’re getting yourself into? She started a grassroots drive through her website to buy books for the Oakland Public Library system through their wishlists on Amazon after they’d lost most of their funding, and people donated over 500 books. And she’s cool.)

It's Google Day at Asparagus PeeI spent a lot of time today looking at, researching, and thinking about Google. Among other things, they have a new toolbar beta for Internet Explorer that is similar to the one that’s been out for awhile, but it adds a very good popup stopper functionality, and an autofill feature that fills in forms automatically based on information you provide. I’ve only used it today, but it seems to work great, and I’d encourage anyone to give it a try.

Download Google's New Toolbar Beta

The other thing I ran across was a really cute article on the Google site about how their PigeonRank technology uses clusters of A Google Pigeon Clustertrained pigeons to rank websites by pecking levers to rank them in exchange for lin/ax, which is a combination of linseed and flax seed. Here are some handy links to various Google stuff I found today:

Google Zeitgeist

Google Sitemap

Better Queries


Google Weblog

Google Dance?

Oh, by the way, I imagine that in the future, humans will evolve a system of additional stomachs. That way we can stop pulling weeds and spraying RoundUp™ everywhere to grow feed corn for cows, eat the weeds, and skip the middle-man. On a related note, it’s been so long since I’ve cleaned my aquarium that my fish have developed an adaptation that allows them to swim in pure urine.