I thought the free clip of the Paris Hilton video I ran across was OK, but when I tried to watch The Simple Life, I lost all respect for her. See, I’d really hoped that she and Ms. Richie would take it seriously and really try to show that they could do something, but the segment I saw where they ‘worked’ at a Dairy Farm was obviously a farce set up to act as a backdrop for them to stand in front of as eye-candy with a bad attitude.

Of course, it just so happened the dairy farmer had a hot tub in the back yard, and they had their bikinis with them. Yeah, right, whatever.

I hope they didn’t really sell anyone the milk they watered down with hose water from a 5-gallon slop bucket!

The big surprise TV-wise this week was a special ‘Home Edition’ of Extreme Makeover, where they sent a family to the Bahamas for a week and completely gutted and remodeled their house. It was a great show!