Google/Blogger Changes Got Me All Freaked Out!

Well, I just lost about 20 minutes work on a post I was spell-checking on the “new” Google/Blogger joint. The spell check didn’t know Google, I forget what it even suggested, but I know it suggested “flogging” instead of “blogging.” Hmm.

Anyway, all I’d really said was that I’d wasted all my blogging time tonight screwing around with Blogger, and I can see some real linkability-ness in stuff like the new profiles, but I’m going to be struggling to make the changeover, so bear with me. I think the new comments are going to be nice, for instance, but right now, they only appear on direct links to specific posts, and the font sizing is all wonky, so I won’t be turning off SquawkBox just yet.

Thanks for listening to me whine.

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