Jazzed about Mraz

Jason MrazOK, I’m jazzed, I admit it. I’m a huge Jason Mraz fan, and on August 31st, Dave Matthews Band is closing for Jason Mraz at the Sleeptrain Amphitheater, and we’re going. It’s been a bit of a challenge already because our only child started kindergarten last week, so it’s the first time we’ve had to deal with “going out on a school night.” This is also the first “real” concert we’ve tried to go to since we got stuck in traffic and missed the first half of Pink Floyd at the Oakland Colliseum, circa 1991, so I’m gonna be there and heaven help anyone who tries to stand in our way.

I’m also a bit peeved at Ticketmaster or Sleeptrain or Dave Matthews.com or whoever is responsible for the fact that when I ordered tickets a month ago, they didn’t have any good seats, so I paid less for crappy seats up behind “Nosebleed” in the “Egypt” section of the lawn, and now they have a block of good seats up in the “Behind the People with Connections” section but there’s no way to trade up now that they’re bought and paid for.

If you’ve got Winamp, there are some great live videos of Jason Mraz in their media library, like this live solo version of You and I Both. If you don’t have Winamp, it’s non-evil and free, so it’s probably worth your while to download it now.

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