Winning the War?

It appears that Mr. Bush has taken back the only reasonable thing he’s said in recent memory, that he didn’t think you could win a war on terror.

“Terrorism” is a process, an attitude, a verb &#151 it’s not a sovereign entity or a specific person.

Yes, you can and should make it more difficult for things like 9/11 to happen, and we need to capture Osama, but all it takes is a handful of crazy individuals to slip through the cracks.

Didn’t we learn anything from the Vietnam guerrillas? How can you stop individuals like snipers from taking pot-shots opportunistically using massive organized force?

To mix metaphors, there will always be bad apples with sour grapes. How can going over unilaterally and blowing up stuff in their countries of origin at incredible cost in dollars, lives, and international opinion possibly help? It’s all about people, ideas, and money &#151 let’s use them wisely.

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