The Day the Sun Turned Red

Red Sun.There are several major wildfires blazing in Northern California this week. Yesterday and today, there has been soot and ashes on the parked cars, it smells like a campfire, looks like a fog, and the sun has been bright orange. It’s very freaky looking, and breathing is not fun.

But here’s what I’d like to know. There’s so much smoke I can barely see across the street, so why aren’t the smoke alarms all going off?

Usually, if we’re cooking a pizza in the oven and a half a piece of sausage rolls off, I have to pull the battery in our smoke detector – shouldn’t it work just as well if the whole neighborhood were on fire? Another of life’s little mysteries, unsolved.

Ole Eichorn Lives

Critical Section used to be a daily read for me, but I was sure getting tired of checking when Ole took a four month hiatus from blogging. Asparagus Pee welcomes him back to the fold, and here’s a link to some interesting comments he just wrote up on Nevil Schute inspired thoughts on voting: Critical Section – In the Wet.

I love the suggestion that they should have test questions on the ballot propositions, and you’d have to pass the test for your vote to count.