Feelin’ just a wee bit o’ the Irish, are we?

So I got home early after troubleshooting a serious Novell&#153 network server crisis for the last three days, and I’m feelin’ a little Irish, drinking a few brewskies and a wee bit o’ Scotch, and eating an excellent “Chris’s Special St. Patty’s Day Reuben,” and singing some fine old Irish tunes like Cockles & Muscles and The Lass with the Delicate Air, when The Lady Janet reminds me of Tubthumping by Chumbawamba, as seen at the first church of chumbawamba.

Got to admit, that’s a pretty cool Irish-y song, especially that part about “pissing the night away.”

If you’re feeling Irish, I highly recommend that you check out this page on chumba.com where they go to the trouble of listing rip-offs of the song Tubthumping, like this country version or this Mother Goose Rocks Humpty Dumpty version (click “Play” to start Flash video).