Live from New York, it’s… Me

The Big AppleWe’ve just gotten back from dinner at the Trattoria Trecolori, and I am blogging to you live from the 5th floor of the Hotel QT, right around the corner from Times Square.

We’re here for the annual Book Expo America convention at the Javits Center this weekend and some other business around The Big Apple.

Today was travel day, Sacramento to Denver to La Guardia. We had a spectacular view of the city coming in over Manhattan – skyline, central park, the whole ball of wax. Pretty impressive. The Lady Janet was listening to the captain’s radio on the headphones, and the controller told him, “Past the Verrazano Bridge, past the Statue of Liberty, up the Hudson River,” and the pilot replied, “Got it. Bridge, Lady, River.” If you have small children and watch Dora the Explorer, this might sound strangely familiar, in a slightly disturbing way.

I will post more with pictures tomorrow.

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