Jason Mraz – Rainbow Connection @ Ootmarsum

Jason Mraz has a new album that came out in May, so I’m gettin’ back to the Mraz zone for a little while.

I love the performances from this concert. When I first ran across them on YouTube, he was talking about being at a jazz festival, so I assumed that’s what it was, but I dug a little tiny bit deeper and it turns out it was a private concert over in Europe for like 75 people at a big party, so he really went outside.

Sometimes I wonder why I still blog, but then I see a few search results like my most recent visitors’ locations, and I think, “What the heck were they thinking,” but it sure keeps me going.

More American Idol Thoughts

Deliberately non-sexy MC Pic.So, I’m watching American Idol&#153 this evening, and I’m looking at Mariah Carey and thinking, “Hey, I used to really like Mariah Carey, but it made me think again about my old roommate telling me she had a six or seven octave range…

Well, I can personally produce sounds, some admittedly quite ugly, over what, on a good day, approaches a 5-octave range, from a low note that is about a half-step lower than the guy on Elvis’s “Way on Down” to a note that I can barely whistle, and I can produce any note along that 4.9 octave scale (which is only possible because I found a way to suck the air in instead of out and cheat-squeak a half-ocave or so beyond my regular fasetto that underlaps my lowest whistle by a note or two. (I do this when I imitate Paul imitating Little Richard, and I’m pretty sure Paul does too.)

Wikipedia had a cool page about “whistle-register”, and Mariah has a song on her debut CD called Someday, where she definitely sings higher than I thought people could whistle, and higher than I can whistle by close to an octave, but after that, what’s the point? Dog whistles?

Again, definitely not knocking MC – she’s undoubtably one of the greatest singer/songwriters of our era. I’m just sayin’…

I listened to her first CD again tonight, and I have to say that I think she is probably the most effortless, if not the best, singer of our generation, but I was very disappointed that it seemed obvious to me that she lip-synched her AI performance this evening, and I can’t think of any reason why that would be necessary unless she was sick.

American Idol… The Women

American Idol I have just finished my evaluation of the Top 12 female contestants, and here is my current ranking:

  1. Alaina Whitaker
  2. Syesha Mercado
  3. Ramiele Malubay
  4. Alexandr&#233a Lushington
  5. Carly Smithson
  6. Joanne Borgella
  7. Asia’h Epperson
  8. Kristy Cook
  9. Amanda Overmyer
  10. Brooke White
  11. Kady Malloy
  12. Amy Davis

So, at this point, my 4-to-Go for tomorrow’s show are: Luke Menard, Jason Yeager, Kady Malloy, and Amy Davis. Place your bets.

American Idol… The Men

American Idol I have just finished my evaluation of the Top 12 male contestants, and here is my current ranking:

  1. Jason Castro
  2. Michael Johns
  3. David Archoleta
  4. Danny Noriega
  5. David Hernandez
  6. Colton Berry
  7. Robbie Carrico
  8. Garrett Haley
  9. David Cook
  10. Chikezie
  11. Luke Menard
  12. Jason Yeager

Google Image Labeler

Pure E-v-i-l.This could get addictive really, really quickly: Google Image Labeler. Google pairs you up with a partner who’s on-line, and you try to label the image, and you have a set amount of time to hit on a match that becomes a defacto tag for that image. They have a list of forbidden most-obvious labels. It’s pure e-v-i-l.