I was going to write something about how distracted I’ve been lately, like telling you how last night, when I was changing the cat’s litterbox, I reached for the wrong bag and accidentally filled her litterbox with dry cat food, but instead, I’ve decided to share this prayer that I’ve written for the war effort:

We thank you for the blessings that you’ve showered upon us,
and the bountiful resources you’ve given us to affect positive change in our world.
We ask that you guide us gently in our pursuit of freedom and peace
in places where these blessings have not yet come to pass.
We thank you for giving us the thoughtfulness to choose good
over harm wherever possible, and for protecting us and our troops
from committing evil or falling prey to the evil of others.
Whatever happens over the next few months, we praise you and
pray that your will be done, on earth as it is in heaven.