Chase MortgageSo, we finally succumbed to the low interest rates and decided to refinance our house, and they just can’t get the paperwork right. They faxed over some documents for us to sign, and even though both the original loan and the new loan are with the same finance company (we did this to help it go smoothly, you see), they’ve got the payoff value of the old loan off by about $10,000. The gal on the phone says something like, ‘oh, well, that’s no problem, this is just an estimated escrow something or other,’ but I say, bullshit. Over and above points, etc., we’ve paid something like $400 in little niggling fees for the filing, couriers, notary public, you know the drill, gone through a credit check, had our house appraised at our expense, and all of that, and when they send that guy out at 10:00 am on Saturday to have us sign something in triplicate, it had better have the right numbers on it.