Before... and After!
Well, I know you’ve been dying to see how the tub turned out. Click for bigger pics.
Wouldn't 'The Bloody Turnips' be a good name for a band?
Well, I got the results today from yesterday’s blood test, and I’m healthy as a horse. If anybody really wants to know, my cholesterol count is 211.

The main thing I’ve learned is that I did not enjoy yesterday morning without coffee.

Janet straightened me out last night – turns out she’s left me for as long as a week at a time before Emily was born, and I was lost and lonesome when she found me and took me in.

Hey! Get your own!Something very strange is going on with the prices of things… can anyone explain to me why I can buy a microwave or a 4-head VCR for $39 out at Target, but I just paid about $4 for a bag of cat litter? Somethin’ ain’t right.

OK, all right, I understand supply and demand, and cheap sweatshop labor, and economies of scale achievable through mass-production, and all of that. But what I don’t understand is how you can put together something like a calculator with 20 moving parts and electronic components that have to be screwed and soldered together, that even includes a battery, package it in a blister pack with a 4-color print job that has to be diecut, pack those in a box, send it across the Pacific on a boat, ship it to Auburn, and sell it at The Dollar Tree for one freakin’ dollar!

I mean, at some point, it has to be like the old story: we buy these widgets for $1.20 and we can only sell them for $1.00, but we make it up in volume.

Better to be home alone than in bed with Jacko!
Phew! After working at least a few hours 27 of the preceding 28 days, I declared a holiday and stayed home alone yesterday while Janet went to work.

Of course, there wasn’t much to it. Papa John came and got Emily a little after 9:00, and the guy from the cabinet shop showed up at 9:30 to hang the new cabinet doors over the bathtub. Then I took a bath (the tub was declared seaworthy as of Friday, and I’ve had 5 baths already) and drove down to Kaiser Roseville Medical Center to find out that ‘fasting’ also meant ‘no coffee.’ After that, a quick lunch, a couple of beers, and a nap, and then by 5:15 or so, up to get Emily at John’s house.

Someday, I would like to try spending a substantial, uninterrupted period of time by myself. I’m pretty sure the longest I’ve ever been alone is only like 4 or 5 days, if that, and I can’t really think when that would have been, except maybe a thanksgiving break during college when my roomate went home and I hung out in our room. I like being alone, but I seldom get the chance, and then, since I know it’s limited to a few hours, I try to do too much instead of just enjoying some quiet time to myself.