Weed (Not the Good Kind)We’re back in business! You may have noticed that we’ve finally gotten our website and my blog moved over to the real domain for the company that acquired our defunct ISP a few years ago. Only problem is that with the new FTP setup, they’re actually limiting us to 10 MB, and that is a real bummer. We’re gonna have to go through and do some selective pruning.

Speaking of which, the biggest chore on my plate for the next week or so is pulling weeds. I was listening to Wayne Dyer the other day, and he said something really asinine like, ‘There are no weeds – the only difference between a weed and a flower is a judgment you put on it.’ Clearly the man is not a gardener. Harvey Mackay makes a little more sense when he says, ‘Don’t water your weeds,’ but the best I’ve heard is still Jim Rohn, who says, ‘Everything of value will be attacked, not to think so is naive. As soon as you plant a garden, the busy bugs and the noxious weeds begin to attack, and if the weeds take the garden, the family doesn’t eat.’

OK, that’s the sermon for today. Today is also the first day of National Turn Off Your Television Week. Emily got a box of goodies at the library and she’s been very excited, and asking every day, ‘Is this the week we don’t watch TV yet?’ The kit includes a black and yellow plastic ‘CAUTION’ banner that you stick across the screen as a reminder, and she was disappointed because she thought it would actually keep the TV from turning on. Oh well, we’re going to give it a try this week, so I’ll be curious to see what she really thinks about life without television… there’s a lot going on on our favorite shows, so we’ll be cheating a little and taping everything to watch later.