They don't look this old - it's makeup.PBS is getting Dick Van Dyke and Mary Tyler Moore together again in “The Gin Game,” which seems kinda pointless, because Hume Cronyn and Jessica Tandy certainly nailed it, but…

“It’s like nothing has changed,” said Moore.

“I don’t know where the time went,” echoed Van Dyke.

Then giddiness takes over and he veers into a skillful bit of tap dancing and an impromptu concert watched by an amused Moore.

“Just what makes my little old aunt think she can smoke that cannabis plant. Everyone knows an aunt, can’t, smoke a cannabis plant,” he sings to the tune of “High Hopes.”

Is this the new Pet Rock? So maybe you missed your chance to buy a pet rock, or you slept through the Pokemon craze, or you never quite got around to collecting pogs? Well here’s your chance to own a little piece of history. Support the troops and buy an Iraq’s Most Wanted deck. (Don’t bother clicking the picture, there’s no link – this is supposed to be sarcastic.)

I find all of this nonsense patently offensive, and it’s in my face as often as those ubiquitous pop-under ads for the X10 camera.

Here’s something that’s not offensive. It’s actor Tim Robbins speaking to the press on behalf of his wife Susan Sarandon and the rest of his family: click to read

By the way, I did spend about 6 1/2 continuous hours weeding out in the back yard yesterday, so now I have separated things into a big pile of dirt and a big pile of weeds, but it feels like progress!