Must blog… too ill… can’t think… sick as dog. Still feeling pretty out of it, so I’ll be brief. I went to the doctor last Thursday and got some antibiotic eyedrops that are close to having the pink out of my eyes, but my other symptoms (headache, cough, sore throat, body aches, fatigue) have all pretty much gotten worse.

I was so dumb when I saw the doctor that when he asked me if I wanted anything else, like cough medicine, I said, “No, I don’t think my cough is that bad.” So then the next morning, after spending the whole night CMAO, a cloudy thought bubble floated up over my cartoon head and I realized I had passed up codeine. Well, I fixed that yesterday – I called the medical center, got the prescription phoned in, drove back down to Roseville, and got my meds. Trouble is, I’m so sick that I’m not even enjoying lounging around in bed with codeine cough syrup. Of course, my lovely wife is also feeling all sicklyfied, and the kid is bouncing off the walls, so Mommy and Daddy have to take turns and negotiate nap time for each other.

(Note to self: Does blogging turn me into a whiner?)