Someone actually got here by a search on ‘personality test – do you prefer baths or showers,’ and do you think they voted in my bath vs. shower poll? Did you guess no? I give up.

You’re probably getting kinda tired of listening to Click for big brag on our little girl, but last Sunday at the Pumpkin Festival over at the park, she decided she’d like to climb the mobile rock wall, and we said, hey, why not? We didn’t even have a camera with us (who knew?), but a lady who was there overheard me saying I wish we had a camera, and she let me take this picture with her point-and-click Advantix&#153. She told me that it might be awhile before they got the film developed, but she must have done it that same day or the next, because today is Tuesday, and we got her picture in the mail!

Hmm. Well. Not much to say about this.

I was watching TV tonight (gosh, there’s something new), and there was an ad for Eggo&#153 maple syrup, and I thought, ‘Well, that’s sure a no-brainer,’ then the guy in the commercial who’s supposed to be the CEO says to the people at the conference table, ‘The only thing I don’t get is, what took us so long to come up with this idea?, I mean, it’s not rocket surgery.’ I love that – ‘rocket surgery‘ instead of ‘rocket science’ or ‘brain surgery.’ Two memes, one stone.

Then, a few commercials further on, there was an ad for a new American Express&#153 gift card – the idea was that you don’t buy a gift certificate for a particular store, you give a prepaid Amex thingy that’s like a prepaid calling card – Duh! – it’s as good as giving cash, but it’s less tacky!