I don’t believe in astrology, but somehow it seems fitting to follow a bunch of posts on the skeptics’ meeting I attended with this astrological report from Excite:

Your mind is a blissfully chaotic place. Your brain is a beautiful machine in motion. You’re a vessel spinning in its moorings, eager to leave the dock for open waters. You’re churning out ideas that conventional language can barely touch. When you speak, it’s an explosion of pure thought that makes conventional thinkers run for safety. Surprisingly, there are people around here who understand you. Where have they been all your life? The point is that you’re forming a bond right now. Your combined powers are sure to break records. You’ll all be talking about this for years.

Hey, it may be a bunch of hooey, but they took the time to write this about me, and when they’re right, they’re right, right? And yes, I am a Gemini.