As a blogger, or at least as someone who plays one on TV, I read a lot of blogs. Now, as it’s eating up more and more of my life, I’m trying to figure out what I want to accomplish with my blog, and what I want to be aware of on other blogs.

Early on, I picked up on a meme. It comes in handy when I’m trying to describe to a newbie what blogging is all about, and what it said was that there are basically two types of bloggers, Linkers and Thinkers.

Over the last year or so, I’ve certainly tried to be both, but I’m starting to realize that there is also a third type (By the way, there truly are three kinds of people: those who can count and those who can’t).

This third type is what I’m going to christen the “Free Spirits.”

These folks sometimes link and they sometimes think, but often they just write honestly about what’s going on in their lives, draw a cartoon, tell a story, show you a picture, or post a song, and damn the torpedos, full-speed ahead.

I like that! You never know before you go there what the heck you’re going to see, and novelty rocks!

Therefore, it is my intention to herewith institute the Carnival of Asparagus Pee, wherein I will select blog entries of note from my current blog-trolling and present them for public consumption. Here we go…

First, I’d like to congratulate Brian Lewandowski for a hilarious series of rants on product quality and corporate mission statements that is nominally about Domino’s Pizza. It reminds me of a direct marketing seminar I was at night before last where they quoted the guy from the leading online marketer of wines as saying something like, “We are in business to provide absolutely the best customer service in the world, and it just so happens that we serve it in a glass of grape juice.”

Then we’ve got Drunk Bastard, who’s trying to do everything all at once.

Here are a couple of local sites, from the Sacramento Blogger Meetup (to my knowledge, we’ve never met), and the Sacramento 25 (sort of): Motel Mag. the “website for people made mostly of water,” and Flourish’s web shit kollektiv (sic), (and her related) Blog (if you go, please let Madeline know that Asparagus Pee guy sent you.)

But the ultimate Free Spririt continues to be The O to the Bee to the S to the Gee. I suppose that might be biased, but show me someone else who would say, “I think I need to eat more art.” and I’ll read them in a heartbeat.

I think I should also recognize the person who commented on my next most recent post, because I actually did enjoy her Curvature Blog.