Free Elliott Smith CD Contest

Play to win!I have decided that the new posthumous Elliott Smith CD is so good and so important that I’d like to give a few people a free copy to help spread the word. I will provide up to 5 copies before I cut it off. It’s not first come, first served, it’s completely at my own arbitrary discretion, and here’s how it’s going to work:

Send me something that proves to my satisfaction that you are a songwriter. E-mail me an MP3 sample, send me a link to your website, or send me a tape or CD, and if I’m satisfied that you are seriously trying to make good sounds come out of something, I will ask to ship you a copy of From a Basement on the Hill absolutely free.

You also have to promise me that you will listen carefully to tracks 3 and 7.

My brother Kevin is ineligible because I’m getting him one for Christmas anyway, so the cat’s out of Santa’s bag on that one.

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