Problem with Slugs?
Hey, give me back my watch!
So I managed all my compost issues on Sunday. I took the good, finished compost and spread it on the garden, then I turned the half-done compost into that bin and filled the other bin with the weed piles from all the weeding I’ve done over the last two weekends.

When I was doing all this, I ran across a family of slugs, and here’s a couple of pics of the one I brought in to show Emily. (Impressive, no?)

By the way, I’ve had a major insight into frustration: you can only feel frustrated about something that you care about. Sounds obvious, but it’s all so personal.

For instance, it’s impossible for me to become upset about ‘missing the game,’ but I know some people who just lose it completely. I, on the other hand, am feeling all bonkers because I’ve gotten the garden cleaned up and I have great compost, but my plants are turning yellow and drying up in their six-packs up on the deck, because I don’t have time to work in the compost and plant them.

(Hmm… six-packs.)