Well, gosh, I’m starting to feel kinda bad for the people who are wandering here by accident – this blog is now the 1st listing for a Google search on ‘gooblek’ and I don’t have any information here. I’m considering adding a ‘What is Gooblek?’ link over on the sidebar so it’s not a complete waste.

On a related note, I recently participated in Carnival of the Vanities #46, hosted by Across the Atlantic, and, while it didn’t make my site an overnight sensation, there was a very discernable peak in my ‘hits per day’ (see graph).

I am sorry to say that Gallagher did throw his hat in the ring, but I’ve checked out his site, and while he is amusing, I don’t think he’s serious enough to be a contender. What a freakshow, and the lemmings are lapping it up.

Here are some links to cool things I became aware of today:

And here are some interesting pictures:

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