Ever had an earworm? That’s just a slightly gross Americanized Germanism for “that damn song that I can’t get out my head.” It’s the bane of my existence – really – I have a non-stop soundtrack that goes on even when I’m asleep, and it’s not uncommon for a coworker to overhear me singing or whistling and say, “It’s a Small World After All?” or “Puff the Magic Dragon… really?”

According to the article, it’s much more prevalent in musicians, and since I consider myself a songwriter, and I did a year-and-a-half as a Music Theory & Composition major at Arizona State, I guess it kinda makes sense.

Hey! This seems like a good time to impose a song or two on my faithful readers. Hope you enjoy!


Boy, I’m beginning to rethink this whole “pee” thing – two of my more recent hits were doing Googles on “pee garden -gee -dee -wee -tee -cat -“pee pee”” and “pee pee in my mouth” – I hope they found what they were looking for (?), because they sure didn’t find it here!

Update 2:

Speaking of Al Franken, one of the high points of my life, in the “brush with greatness” sense, happened when I was a freshman at Iowa State back in 1980 (or early 1981). Franken and Davis, the great comedy team that was, even then, writing for SNL, played our little auditorium at ISU. A friend and I were in the habit of going to these things on our ISU student passes, which I think got us in at $5 a pop for everything from Franken & Davis to the Philadelphia Symphony Orchestra, which at the time was conducted by Michael Tilson Thomas – we were in the middle of the front row, and I have this super-clear picture of him leaning into the violins going ‘Tss. Tss. Tss.’ to get to pianissimo.

Anywho, the only line of F&D’s that I can clearly remember was something like, “he was one of those guys who would come to the orgy, but he’d always put sand in the Vaseline.”

After the show, my fratmate Scott and I went to a local Denny’s to play backgammon and drink coffee from a bottomless Thermos-thingy, and Franken & Davis walked in around midnight. Now this was in the days when he was still talking about the “Al Franken” decade, and how “everyone should take a moment to ask themselves, ‘Now what can I do for you, Al Franken?'”

So we’re sitting in this Denny’s in Ames, Iowa, playing backgammon when Al Franken and Tom Davis walk in, and someone says, “Hey, it’s you, Bob Hope!” and Al Franken says, “Sure, whatever.” and sings “Thanks for the memories.”

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