Quick Update – Sound Bites from The Amazing Meeting 2:

  • Just remember, when you hear the term ‘New Age’ that it rhymes with ‘sewage.’
  • Michael Shermer: On average, those Mormon boys that go out to witness convert about 1-2 people every year. That’s not enough, but it’s OK, because they can fill their needs internally through breeding.
  • Julia Sweeney, speaking about the poster of Jesus she had on her wall as a young girl: ‘Oh my god, that Jesus was sooo hot! I have to admit he helped me to discover the pleasures of my own body.’
  • Me: They made fun of the ‘cold fusion’ guys, but that made me wonder, ‘hey, what if cold fusion had been real?’
  • Michael Shermer again: ‘Good and Evil are good adjectives, but they’re not good nouns.’
  • Bob Park: ‘The greatest discovery of modern medicine is not vaccines or antibiotics, it’s the double-blind test.’
  • Me: ‘If the placebo effect works for me, that’s good enough!’
  • Julia Sweeney: ‘Sister Wendy. Now there’s a cool job… six months in a silent convent, and six months as a television star!’
  • Lance Burton (while doing his straight-jacket escape): ‘I’ve heard (or read) that Houdini could dislocate both of his shoulders to do this trick. I don’t have any idea whether or not that’s true, but it sure would help.’
  • Don’t recall who said this: ‘Epistemological Hedonism – if it feels good, believe it.’

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