Another nine days – where does the time go? After I griped below about my typical visitor, I got a very nice entry in my guestbook from Brian ‘Big Bri’ Lewandowski saying, ‘I read your site daily… I swear…’, which was nice, and I had someone over the weekend who spent like 50 minutes crawling around here, so I’ve decided not to give up. Brian is a stand-up comic and a published author and he has a nice blog called L’il Kernels of Insight. Here’s a link to his book Slop and Swill from a Festering Mind over on Amazon, and here’s a blog entry I like about competition and Ants in the Pants called I MUST WIN!.

By the way, my very first blog entry was February 9th, 2003, so Asparagus Pee, Gooblek & Other Neat Stuff is over a year old already!