Will beg for beer.I’ve had this idea for a long time that it would be a cool cartoon for someone like Bizarro to have a beggar whose sign would say ‘Will beg to differ,’ instead of ‘Will work for food.’ I even e-mailed his syndicator, but I guess either they didn’t tell him or he wasn’t interested.

If anybody out there is interested and can draw a decent cartoon with this idea, I believe it to be original and I’d love for someone to use it – just let me see the result, OK?

While I was looking for a picture of a beggar to fold, spindle, and mutilate, I accidentally ran across a site called beerisgoodforyou.com – Got Beer?

I need this like a hole in the head...I was just reading a news article about an outbreak of infections in some kids who had their upper ears pierced in a mall in Oregon, and I’ll be darned if it don’t turn out there are risks associated with punching holes through people.

Here’s what the National Institutes of Health have to say about Piercing and Tattoos.