What’s Up with the Coppertone Girl?

Good Ol' Fashioned CoppertoneAnother era has come to an end.Wassup with this newfangled logo?

Last night while I was grocery shopping, I happened to look closely at an endcap display of Coppertone™ products, and I noticed that the Coppertone Girl&reg has lost her tan line. That’s right, that’s what I said, she’s got no freakin’ tan line. I guess Coppertone decided that it was just not PC to have a tan line on their marketing mascot in the new era of SPF 150. I’m sure the sunblock line has been outselling the tanning lotions, so I guess they’re just showing good fiscal responsibility. But still…

It’s Helpful to Know Your “Times Tables.”

World Famous Asparagus Pee Duh! AwardIn breaking news, a study in Exeter, England has confirmed something that I’ve suspected all along: you can do math problems faster and better if you memorize your times tables.

Alas, I did not bring this task to its full fruition, and even though I got a “C” or better up through Differential Equations, to this day I get really fuzzy in the 7-8-9 region of the multiplication problem space. Which reminds me of one of my favorite jokes:

Q: Why was six afraid of seven?

A: Because seven ate nine.