Please Watch Joan of Arcadia

Amber Tamblyn as Joan. Click for official CBS website.We watched the season premiere of Joan of Arcadia last Friday, and once again, I urge all of my loyal Asparagus Pee readers to make this a must-see. It bothers me a little bit that whenever they are in the police station where her dad works, the whole scene is filmed in NYPD-blue, but other than that, this show is near-perfect.

I mean, where else are you going to hear God advise a teenaged girl, “Without deviation from the norm, progress is not possible. That’s Sartre. Or was it Zappa?”

UPDATE &#151 This is in fact a Frank Zappa quote, and there’s a pretty concise list of good ones over here.

Christian Values?

Values? We don't need no shtinking values.My spambox, sorry, I meant to say my “inbox,” is filling up now with stuff about refinancing my house “the Christian Way” and getting out of debt “the Christian Way.”

What the bejeebus is that supposed to mean?

I’ve always kind of imagined that the Christian way to get out of debt would be to pay back the money.

And why do these spams always have the cross or the bible against a backdrop of an American flag? Can’t the Canadians get out of debt the Christian way, or must they pay off their debts shamefully as the heathens do?